Garry is your average, 23 year old kid. The only difference is that he has an advanced diploma in graphic design, and soon enough, a diploma in Photography. He is a creative individual who has an extreme passion for music, all you can eat sushi & bubble tea, and all things bright and colourful. Digital Illustration is his specialty in the design field, but sit him down behind a laptop with any creative cloud program and there’s nothing he can’t accomplish.

When it comes to photography, the concepts and ideas in his mind play a major roll in how his photos will turn out. His favourite things to take pictures of include photos of the sky, female fashion, photography of musicians in action, and commercial work. Bright colours and weird things are his bigger inspirations, which in turn motivate him to create things that would stand out.

You could probably find Garry wandering through the streets and suburbs of London, Ontario. Worst comes to worst and you can’t find him though, his cell phone is always available.