Hi, I’m Garry!

I am currently a 2nd year photography student and a graphic design graduate. I specialize in various forms of photography, as well as digital illustration and design. I have a strong drive and passion for both fields and treat each project that comes my way with as much determination and motivation that I have in me. Feel free to tag along with me on all my adventures as I wrap up my final year of college and update posts on my latest projects! :)



Portraits are my all time favourite things to photograph! I love working one on one with people and giving them photographs that will leave them happy and content. I do my best to make sure that the subject is well lit and well exposed, while making sure the overall quality is presentable.



Another form of photography that I really love shooting are landscapes, especially when the sky is ablaze with different colours. This is a bit harder to control, since the colour of the sky depends on sheer luck, but when those gorgeous clouds do come around I make sure to take advantage of it instantly.



Product photography is another skill set I do well in, all done by lighting the product properly and getting the right highlights and shadows to reach the desired effect. My product photography ranges from bottles to packaging, working together with different kinds of products that could be used for creating advertisements.


Sweet As Candy

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Monthly Featured Piece

The monthly piece for December is titled “Busy As A Bee”, designed during a digital illustration seminar at Fanshawe College. This piece was made out of various textures and photographs, ranging from wrapping paper and gift bags to photos of lego blocks and public streets. Made in photoshop by creating paths and inserting these textures into said paths, I was able to translate the idiom “busy as a bee” into an illustrative design.