Hi, I’m Garry!

I’m currently a second year photography student and a graphic design graduate. I specialize in various forms of photography, as well as design and digital illustration. I have a strong drive and passion for both fields and treat each project that comes my way with as much determination and motivation that I have in me. Feel free to tag along with me on all my adventures as I wrap up my final year of college and update posts on my latest projects! :)



My main area of focus (no pun intended) in photography is photographing people. In doing so, I make sure to come up with a creative concept that not only stands out, but also has a story to tell behind it. I aim to capture and present weird and artistic photos that are visually appealing, and editorial. I can also photograph product, scenery, and much more.


Graphic Design

Design is something that has always played an enormous roll in my life ever since I started high school. That being said, the vast majority of my designs are simple, colourful, imaginative, and eye catching. My main objective for any client is to create something that not only meets their needs, but stands out in all the best ways possible. I aim to create the best.

Rocket Illustrationsq.jpg

Digital Illustration

In my free time, I do work on digital illustrations, a lot of which revolve around pop culture. However with this skill, I am able to create anything that is asked of. The brilliant thing about illustration is that the ideas and options are endless and ever-growing. Ranging from the depths of the sea, to the farthest planet in our solar system, anything is possible.


Sweet As Candy

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Monthly Featured Piece

The monthly piece for February is titled “Busy As A Bee”, designed during a digital illustration seminar at Fanshawe College. This piece was made out of various textures and photographs, ranging from wrapping paper and gift bags, to photos of lego blocks and public streets. Made in photoshop by using paths, and inserting these textures into said paths, I was able to translate the idiom “busy as a bee” into an illustrative design.